A Hook

Before React Hooks, non class-based components were often called stateless functional components, or dumb components. Such components wouldn’t have access to state nor do they have any lifecycle hook. As a result, the stateless functional component relies on its props as the only input.

For the mere purpose of presentation, the stateless functional component is almost always preferred over a class-based component due to its simpler syntaxes.

However, modern application is not all about presentation. Often, we need our application to remember stuff or perform a specific task when it reaches a certain lifecycle. …

React Server Component

From the very existence of React in the web development world, React has always remained a frontend framework that heavily focuses on client capabilities. The latest React Hooks addition to the React ecosystem further indicates where the framework is heading.

Until recently, React team released a sneak peek and opens an RFC around Server Component, dubbing it the Zero-Bundle-Size component. I highly recommend you read the RFC or watch Dan Abramov and Lauren Tan’s talk.

This is a very interesting turn because the server-side of React has been quite underdeveloped for a while now and finally, it gets some attention…

When you access a web page, a browser goes through a sequence of steps called Critical Rendering Path (CRP) in order to convert HTML, CSS, and Javascript into a functioning website.

A Critical Rendering Path starts with an HTML request. The browser then parses the HTML before it can construct the DOM tree, in which, it initiates a request to each external resource found, followed by the construction of CSSOM. With the DOM and CSSOM complete, the browser builds the render tree, compute styles, define the location and size of all the render tree elements. …

Javascript Event Loop and Concurrency

Ever think about how Javascript handles incoming tasks such as function calls or event processing?

In this article, we’ll talk about Javascript’s event loop, related concepts such as call stacks, callback queue and why they matter.

Understanding Event Loop

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